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in Trento and surroundings

+39 0461 930002

From 15 September to 8 October

Discount fare for station/Zuffo – interport and vice versa.
Get on board and enter for free.

You can also call with

sms +39 340 99 49 655

Indicates the city, street or square and house number (e. g. Trento via Degasperi 27) or a precise reference point (restaurant, hotel, disco).
You will receive a confirmation text message with the taxi code and arrival time.


app it Taxi

Download the itTaxi app now, it’s free!
Ask for the taxi: you will be reached thanks to the geolocation and you will be able to constantly check its location.
Pay as you like: in cash, with PayPal or credit card.


If you know the details of your trip in advance or need special services, you can request your taxi by email or filling out the form online.

Urban and extraurban tariffs

Services offered

service TAXIBIKE

Do you have a two-wheeled itinerary in mind?
We accompany you with your bike at the departure and we also come to pick you up!


Our cars are equipped with a tow hook for the towing service of any type of trailer (carabinet, caravan, trailer, etc.).


We offer conventions for companies and hotels for the transportation of staff, guests as well as luggage, documents and parcels.

Transport of disabled persons

A disabled transport service using the wheelchair is operational, thanks to specially equipped vehicles.
The service can be requested at +39 0461 930002.
We guarantee assistance for the ascent and descent from the equipped vehicle.
To ensure availability of the vehicle, we recommend that you book the service in advance from Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 19:00.

For those who are authorized, the transport service for disabled people called MuoverSi has been operational since October 2004 in collaboration with the Social Policy Department of the province of Trento.