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Provide information on city, street or square and street number (e.g., Trento via Degasperi 27) or a precise point of reference (restaurant, hotel, disco).
You will receive a confirmation SMS with the taxi number and arrival time.


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€ 4,20


€ 0,10


€ 7,40


€ 7,40


€ 31,80 l’ora



Town area destinations (hilly suburbs excluded) (**)

€ 1,30 per km and/or € 31,80 per hour


Hilly suburbs destinations
and destinations beyond town area (**)

€ 2,20 per km and/or € 31,80 per hour


Applies automatically
after 50 km

€ 2,20 per km


Hand luggage* € 0,60
Skis / Skier (*)* € 1,70
Animals (guide dogs excluded) /* € 1,70
Bicycle / Fahrrad (*)* € 1,90
Overnight and sundays and holidays fare (not to be combined) (*) € 2,90
More than 4 passengers* + 20%

Fixed rate

Candriai € 36,00
Vaneze € 48,00
Vason € 60,00
Viote € 65,00
Norge € 55,00
Maranza € 40,00

Out-of-town rates

For clarity and transparency, we have prepared a table with indicative costs for destinations outside the city of Trento.

* Surcharges added to fare at the end of the journay (out of taxameter)


** Hilly suburbs Argentario, Bergamini, Cognola, Maderno, Martignano, Moià, Montevaccino, San Donà, Tavernaro, Villamontagna, Zell, Circoscrizione Meano, Cortesano, Gardolo di Mezzo, Gazzadina, Vigo Meano, Circoscrizione Povo, Gabbiolo, Celva, Borino, Mesiano, Graffiano, Pantè, Sprè, Cimirlo. Circoscizione Villazzano, Grotta, Negrano, Molini, Bindesi, S.Rocco, Pianizza, Banala, Torricelle, Baselga del Bondone, Cadine, Sardagna, Sopramonte, Valsorda, Vigolo Baselga Villa-Locanda Margon.
tarif 3 is started up when the user gets in the taxi for destinations beyond town area and up to 50 km, after 50 km the driver applies tarif 4; for hilly suburbs it is started up at the beginning
(for uphill road ) or at the end (for downhill road ) of the hilly area, for the rest of the journey
the on screen fare is tarif 1 ; for all roundtrips with the passenger on board the on screen fare
is tarif 1.

Do you have any questions?

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by email at

We will respond as soon as possible.

User information

  • taxi drivers mustuse the taximeter, except forflat rates;
  • taximeter must always work perfectlyand be regularlysealed by the municipal administration of Trento;
  • the fare to be payed is indicated on the taximeter screen, execpt for flat rates;
  • when the taxi leaves the taxi rank, the fixed charge cannot exceed€ 4,20;
  • when the taxi is requested by call, the fixed charge cannot exceed € 7,40, regardless of its location;
  • tarif 3 is started up when the user gets in the taxi for destinations beyond town area and up to 50 km, after 50 km the driver applies tarif 4; for hilly suburbs it is started up at the beginning (for uphill road) or at the end (for downhill road) of the hilly area, for the rest of the journey the on-screen fare is tarif 1; for all roundtrips with the passenger on boardthe on-screen fare istarif 1;
  • Passengers can refuse to paythe charge when the taximeter does not work or when it shows a different charge from that requested plus any possible surcharge;
  • the return journey (without the passenger) is not charged since it is already included in the fare;
  • if requested, taxi drivers must give a receipt to the passengers. This receipt indicates: the fare charged, the driver’s name and surname, the number of the taxi, the date, time and the exact route as well as the sum paid and the driver has to sign it;
  • at the end of the journay the taxi driver must informthe passenger about the addition of any surcharges to the fare indicated by theon-screen display;
  • Overnight fares (from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.) as well as sundays and holidays fares(from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.) cannot be combined(for an overnight journey on Sundays or holidays the driver will always applythe overnight fare);
  • taxi drivers have to transport wheelchairs, guide dogs and any other support for physically disabled people for free;
  • the surcharge for luggage is requested when the taxi driver puts the suitcase in the trunk;
  • tolls for italian highways are included, tolls for foreign highways, tunnels, bridges, ferry-boats and board and lodging costs are not included;
  • taxi fares must be displayd in the taxi cab;
  • typical fare: 1 passenger without luggage, based on a urban journeyof5 km and 5 minutes of stopping/waiting time in the traffic (working day -day-time)€ 13,50.

If requested the taxi can be used by a group of passengers. In case of different destinations on the same route, the first passenger leaving the taxi, will pay the fare charged till that moment; the other passengers will pay the remainingjourney, or at least the minimum fare. Everytime a passenger leaves the taxi, the driver must clear the taximeter.



If you want to make a complaint or comment about taxi in Trento you can apply to a police officer or call:

  • Corpo di Polizia Locale Trento e Monte Bondone – Trento – via Maccani n. 148 tel. 0461/899111 – 0461/884444
  • Comune di Trento – Servizio Sviluppo Urbano, Sport e sani stili di vita –Ufficio politiche urbane sostenibili – via Alfieri n. 6 – tel. 0461/884880
  • any customer and user association.